The Munitions Maker Graphic - rsa2d.gif

The graphic at right is the 3 line RSA program encoded as a 2D bar code using software from IDAT. It is in the PDF417 format. It is shown at actual size, but at screen resolution. The full image is available for printing at 300 dpi.

Some courts think that the first amendment stops and the controversial ITAR regulations pick up for any "encryption software on a machine readable media". If something fits that definition, then it is classified as a "munition" and regulated just like tanks, jet-fighters, etc. A 2D barcode is machine readable (that is the whole point). So printing this graphic instantly turns any paper into a government controlled weapon!

Campaign for Web Page Munitions

If you just print this page you will have a munition. If this graphic is included in random web pages, when those are printed they will become munitions. If you would like to protest ITAR, you could include this graphic in your page.

Technically, sending a piece of paper with this on it outside the USA is international arms trafficking.

The rsa2d.gif graphic is in the public domain, it is "copy-please". Please copy it onto magazines, newspapers, books, user manuals, postcards, stamps, etc. It would be nice if you mention the URL,, but this is not required.

For more information on 2D barcodes check out Russ Adams 2D page.

Vince Cate of Offshore Information Services Ltd


I know computers with OCR software can read regular print. And yes, I am sure there are people working for the enemies of the US government who can type in 3 lines of text (or even longer programs). It makes as much sense for the government to claim that first amendment "freedom of speech, or of the press" does not apply to ink-jet printers, as to claim it does not apply to "machine readable media". But ITAR is a real law, I am not making this up.