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ITAR Civil Disobedience

(International Arms Trafficker Training Page)

From time to time governments make bad laws. One possible way to get a bad law changed is for lots of people to deliberately disobey the law in a public way. This is called civil disobedience. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and many others have used civil disobedience to get bad laws changed.

Imagine a bad law saying: "It is O.K. to export books about encryption if they are transported by horse and buggy, but it is illegal to export such books using any motorized vehicle." Crazy? Right! Replace "horse and buggy" with "paper book", and "motorized vehicle" with "machine readable media", and you get a real law that many Internet users want to get rid of.

If this web-form is submitted, the 3 line encryption program below will be exported over the Internet from where you are now to Anguilla. The US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) currently classify this as exporting munitions. So if you are in the United States, this simple harmless act is illegal. Clicking the submit button below is an act of civil disobedience, and will make you an International Arms Trafficker.

The Munitions Package:

Below is the export-a-crypto-system by Adam Back. This is a 3-line RSA program written in Perl. It is often exported as a signature file at the end of messages or on T-shirts. This program is optimized for size, not readability. RSA is the best cryptographic munition known.

Optional Info on Munitions Exporter (this means you):

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  3. How public do you want your protest to be?
    Don't tell anyone that I'm an arms trafficker
    Add me to the public list of Known Arms Traffickers
    Add me to the list and send a letter to the president for me
    Along with the name and address you enter, your current host name and IP address are added to the list or the email, if you decide to be that public. Sending email may take 20 seconds or more, but it is worth it, since you get a "thank you note" from the president.

You now have a choice:

Brought to you by: Offshore Information Services Ltd.

This page is provided as a cyberspace community service. We are working for freedom and privacy in cyberspace. We also have lots of information about the ITAR controversy and a page with a machine readable graphic of the RSA program that we would like to see come out in paper publications.

The list of known arms traffickers is available for public viewing. This page was shown on CNN.

To support this type of civil-disobedience, please make a link from one of your web pages to this page: http://online.offshore.com.ai/arms-trafficker/, or email someone about this page.